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Ayurvedic Body Therapist

As a therapist I will perform treatments that will assist with re-balancing your constitutional dosha.   We are born with a dominant dosha, that can be affected by everyday life which may cause imbalance.  When you arrive for a treatment as listed below I will determine your dosha first to assist in using herb infused oils to assist with balance.
Oiling the body prior to bathing is an ancient cleansing method.

Abyhanga Massage - warm oil massage
Oil Massage
  • Kick start the body's latent healing power by activating the marma points

  • Vata dosha disturbances calm down and help prevent Vata diseases like weakness, bone density, joint degeneration

  • removes fatigue and improves stamina

  • sleep gets deeper and more restful

  • hunger and digestion improves

  • the body eliminates better

  • skin stays youthful, and supple

  • the body recovers faster

  • Aging is delayed

  • rest and digest is achieve

Oil is rubbed on your entire body in a strategic method to cover all marma points.  Once your dosha energy is determined a herbed oil to balance your energy will be added to the carrier oil.  You may experience the above benefits if your energy permits.  You will feel rejuventation and your tissues will feel nourished.  Performing this massage at home can be very beneficial as well.  

Shirodhara warm oil treatment
  • ​Counteracts the Effects of Stress - induces calmness, promotes tranquility, and facilitates relaxation.

  • Reduces Anxiety - It can move you into an alpha state which increases serenity

  • Awakens Intuition - the point between eyebrows where the oil is focused may open the third eye and prana may begin to flow.

  • Improves Sleep Quality - reduces brainwaves to an alpha state

  • Pacifies Vata Dosha - the warmth, weight and steadiness of the oil pour balancing energy within Vata doshas.


The procedure starts with your head and scalp being thoroughly massaged with oil for 5-10 min. Then you will lay on back and and pot will be filled with warmed oil which will be slowly and constantly poured over your forhead for 15 - 40 min. You will be given a foot massage at the end.  Important to leave the oil on as long as possible. 

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