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Hearing Protection is Important
Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is SERIOUS

NIHL is cumulative, irreversible, and yet totally preventable. Getting  the best hearing protection is essential

Custom earplugs help prevent hearing loss and damage
more effectively than disposable plugs

Saskatchewan regional provider for Big Ear Inc. Custom earplugs 


We want to Change the way you work and play
by providing hearing protection solutions


For a complete selection of Custom Earplugs available please check out website.
For more information call Robert Morgan in Saskatoon 
@  306-717-8380.   Set up an appointment for  solid custom plugs that can be ready in a day or 2, or have your ear canal impressions made and he will send to the factory and you receive in approximately 2 months due to Covid-19.  
Warranty information is on Big Ear 

Solid Custom Molded plugs - $140.00 + tax
Locally finished provides 1 - 2 day delivery 
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