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About me...



Momentum Nursing Services was founded in 2018 by Denise Holmlund, an experienced nurse.  She has a passion for nursing and a clear vision for what true patient-centered care should be.

Elder woman and her caretaker


  I realized, after 30 years in the field, that our healthcare system rarely allowed me to provide the nursing care that I felt my patients deserved, so I decided to look outside the system, to see where I could make a difference in patients' lives. 

Taking the pulse of an older patient


Being an Health Services Coordinator allows me to get back to my roots.  I have been a nurse since 1990, realize today that what I know now can help a client more than before.  I truly feel like I am helping others now, I am able to bring the "art of caring" to the forefront of my practice.  Working directly with people (and their families) allows me to spend quality time providing care that encompasses the clients whole being - not just their physical health.

Ayurvedic Connection

On my own health journey I was approached to work with Dr. H. Gupta from Ottawa to learn the ayurvedic therapy techniques in 2009.  From that time I have continued working  with all the techniques while diving deeper into the science of ayurveda with Hale Pule.  It is truly a way of looking at the whole body in a simple fashion while using all the 5 Pillars of Health I believe in.   EAT - MOVE - THINK -  SLEEP - COMMUNITY. 

My thoughts...

We are all aware that healthcare in Canada is in a constant state of flux. The system's margin for error has grown exponentially, so too has the disconnect between provider and patient.  The result: Miscommunication among clinicians and patients, gaps along the care continuum, and unnecessary medical errors.  Protect yourself and the ones you love by hiring a patient advocate.

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